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After flood property restoration with SERVPRO of SE El Paso/Butterfield's Top Techniques in Montwood, El Paso

2/28/2023 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: When a flood strikes your Montwood, El Paso property, SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield has the top techniques to restore your home or business. Discover how their professionals ensure efficient and thorough restoration.

When a flood strikes a home, it can cause significant damage. SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, a professional flood restoration service, uses various techniques to restore homes in Montwood, El Paso, TX, to their pre-flood condition. This article explores the techniques these professionals use to restore homes effectively after a flood.

1. Water extraction

The first step in flood restoration is water extraction. Flood restoration professionals use powerful pumps and vacuums to remove the standing water from your home. They will also inspect your home to determine the extent of the water damage and ensure that all areas are properly dried out to prevent further damage.

The water must be removed as quickly as possible, as prolonged exposure to water can cause significant damage to your home's structure and lead to mold growth. Water extraction is also essential to prevent electrical fires or damage to the home's electrical system.

2. Drying techniques

Once the water is extracted, the next step is to dry out the affected areas. Several techniques are used to accomplish this, including air movers, dehumidifiers, and heat drying.

Air movers circulate air throughout your home, which can help speed up the drying process. Dehumidifiers are also commonly used to remove excess moisture from the air, which can help prevent mold growth and other harmful bacteria.

Heat drying is another technique used by flood restoration professionals. This involves using specialized heaters and fans to raise your home's temperature and evaporate any remaining moisture. Heat drying can be particularly effective in areas where there is no insulation or where there is minimal ventilation.

3. Mold remediation

Mold is a common problem after a flood and can be hazardous for those with health issues. Mold remediation is an essential part of flood restoration and involves removing any mold and preventing its growth in the future.

Flood restoration professionals use specialized techniques to remove mold from your home, including HEPA filters and negative air machines. They will also use antimicrobial agents to disinfect and sanitize the affected areas.

4. Structural repairs

Floods can cause significant damage to a home's structure, which can compromise the safety and stability of your home. Flood restoration professionals are trained to assess the structural damage caused by a flood and can perform any necessary repairs to restore the house to its pre-flood condition.

This may include repairing or replacing damaged drywall, flooring, and ceiling tiles and reinforcing the home's foundation and structural supports. Structural repairs are essential to ensure that your home is safe to live in and prevent further damage in the future.

5. Odor removal

Floods can leave a lingering odor in your home, which can be unpleasant and challenging to remove. Flood restoration professionals use specialized techniques, including ozone generators and air scrubbers, to remove any unwanted odors caused by the flood.

Ozone generators use ozone to eliminate odors by breaking down the molecules that cause them. Air scrubbers filter out any remaining odors and pollutants, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.


SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield utilizes specialized techniques to restore homes affected by floods in Montwood, El Paso, TX. These techniques are designed to remove water, dry out affected areas, prevent mold growth, repair structural damage, and remove odors. If your home is affected by a flood, hiring professional flood restoration services like SERVPRO is critical to restoring your home to its pre-flood condition quickly and safely.

To begin the process of restoring your property after a flood, reach out to Southeast El Paso/Butterfield without delay.

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