Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Removing Flooring from Living Room

The damage to hardwood flooring can vary, even in the same house depending on the amount and length of exposure to the water. The before photo illustrates our S... READ MORE

Closet Water Damage

When this homeowner had water leaking into their closet, they knew who to call. The water started to saturate the closet carpet but because of SERVPRO of Southe... READ MORE

Carpet Damage in El Paso

In the before photo you can see visible water stain on the carpet in this bedroom. When you have a water loss in your home or business if it is not taken care o... READ MORE

Demo-ing in El Paso

In the first photo you can see our technician working on removing the molding inside this client's home. Many times there is moisture underneath molding and oft... READ MORE

Carpet Removal in Butterfield

When this customer's toilet caused a flood in their home, SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield came to mitigate and restore. The team initially dried up ext... READ MORE

Drywall Removal in Southeast El Paso, TX

This wall looks completely fine to the naked eye, but using our moisture meter technology we are able to see that there is a high moisture level behind the wall... READ MORE

Water Loss in Southeast El Paso

When this Southeast El Paso home suffered a water loss due to a pipe in their home, they called SERVPRO to mitigate and restore their property. Our highly train... READ MORE

Water Damage in El Paso

Having your floor covered in water is not good for business. At SERVPRO®, we can respond 24/7 to your commercial water damage emergency. Our team will respo... READ MORE