Water Damage Photo Gallery

male SERVPRO employee removing part of ceiling

Ceiling Demo In El Paso

When there was water damage to this ceiling, SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso came through to mitigate the damage. One of our technicians is shown here removing pieces of drywall to ensure the ceiling is properly dried and no mold can grow!

3 dehumidifier and 1 air mover in bathroom foyer

Bathroom Water Loss in El Paso

When this bathroom suffered a water loss, SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso came on site to mitigate. We strategically placed an air mover and dehumidifiers to dry up excess water before it could cause further damage.

man spraying antimicrobial in bathroom

Spraying Antimicrobial to Prevent Mold in El Paso Home

At this job, a PVC line to the AC was leaking causing water to affect a closet, hallway, restroom, office area, and office closet. Once the water was dried, our team sprayed an antimicrobial to prevent the growth and spread of any mold that could have grown.

High Moisture Reading for Water Loss

Moisture Reading in El Paso

This a device we use to detect the moisture levels in places that aren't visible to the eye. As you can see this home had a high moisture reading from a water loss they were dealing with. SERVPRO was able to mitigate and remove moisture from the home.

Damaged Walls from Broken Water Pipe

Busted Pipe in El Paso

When these homeowners realized a pipe had busted in their child's bedroom, they called us immediately to prevent further water and mold damage.

Always remember, if you don't fix the water leak first, it will continue to happen even after the wall has been fixed back up.

Equipment drying baseboards and room

Water Damage in El Paso Home

Water damage in this El Paso home left the carpeting in the pictured room saturated with moisture. The homeowner immediately decided to call a professional water damage cleanup company. This decisive decision would lead to a fast and efficient water extraction. The quicker the water is suctioned from the carpeting, the better the chance that the subflooring will not absorb too much moisture requiring direct drying.